Education Today

Today, education is a challenge. A good education moulds a child to live well in this competitive world and contribute his/her best for the development of the society he/she lives in.

Among the means of education, we recognize that, for us, the school excels all others. It is the special place where young people, through the culture transmitted to them, penetrate deeply into the rich traditions of the religious community of their own country and of the whole world.

The school develops, unifies and enriches their personality by an education, which is attractive to the individual, open to the changing world based on Christian values of equality, justice and brotherhood.

So, this Institution aims to impart and instill an all round education by moulding and developing the entire person i.e. mind and heart, body and soul and instill in him/ her the basic principles of life such as sincerity and honesty, truth and justice, dedication and devotion and service to his fellowbeings.