Examination & Promotion

Examinations are held according to the established custom of the school.

Minimum requirements for Promotion

  • -L.Kg & U.Kg - 60%
  • -Std.I to IX - 50%

For promotion, it is compulsory to get this minimum percentage in all subjects except one excluding English and Moral Science and that one subject must have above 45%.

English Communication Skill is a compulsory subject and is introduced to attain proficiency in English Communication.

Promotion depends on the FINAL RESULT which consists of the average of all the examinations. Passing merely in SA2 exam is not enough. It is compulsory to pass in Moral Science and English and no grace marks will be given in these subjects. Any child who fails in Moral Science ( even if he/she passes in all other subjects) will not be promoted. Results once declared are final and binding on all the students. No alteration will be made under any circumstance. Answer papers of the SA2 examination will not, under any circumstance be shown to the parents/guardians.


Students who are found using unfair means in any terminal examination will be suspended immediately and are obliged to choose one of the following:
  • Transfer certificate without promotion.
  • Repetition of the same class.